3. Def: Healthy

What Is Truly Healthy? There are so many contradictory findings at this point that it’s hard to know what’s actually healthy.  The good part is that definitive findings do exist (if you read enough).  What’s good for you is surprisingly simple!

  • Whole Foods: Fruits, Vegetables, Seeds, Nuts and Starches.

The propaganda for ‘healthy’ yogurts, oils (like fish, olive, etc.), eggs, meats and supplements is overwhelming and relentless these days.  But all of it is just that – corporate generated propaganda.  The truth is that the best diet is composed, once again, of whole foods – which are defined as minimally or unprocessed plants like fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and starches (potatoes, tapioca corn, etc.).

Regardless of what industries are advertising, everything a normal person needs (protein, fiber, carbs, calcium, vitamins and nutrients, etc.) can be derived from this simple list. Everything. So just to be clear – the following is considered unhealthy in all but minimal quantities…

  • Any type of vegetable-derived or animal-based oil.
  • Refined and processed sugars, flour, and food of any kind.
  • Any type of refined and processed health supplement.
  • Any type of animal meat, egg, fat, or meat derivative.
  • Any type of milk, cheese, butter, sour cream or yogurt product.

Once again – this leads us back to whole, plant-based foods.  I realize that I’m repeating myself.  But this bears repetition since it is so hard to wrap one’s head around.  It was for me. Animal products have infiltrated so much of our dietary culture that almost nothing comes to mind without them.

For instance, when considering the perfect sandwich – a turkey with mayo, Swiss cheese and tomatoes come to mind.  The turkey, cheese and mayo are all derived from animal products.  When considering the perfect breakfast – eggs, bacon and a glass of milk come to mind… all of which are once again derived from animal products.  You might find that all of your meals are centered around animal products if you look carefully enough.  That’s not an accident.  The beef, egg, milk, sugar, and fast food lobbies are powerful drivers in every day life in both direct and subtle ways.

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