1. Mission

At One Point: We realized (1) that we didn’t know how to cook anything without meat, milk, cheese, butter, sour cream, eggs, oil or all of the above, and (2) that we therefore had no idea how to even engage in healthy cooking.  So we began fumbling around randomly with ‘healthy’ online recipes and cook books.

What We Learned From The Fumbling: It doesn’t matter (1) how unhealthy the diet or person, or even (2) how much he/she knows about food or that he/she needs to change – If the following three to four things aren’t satisfied then no one will be able to transition successfully to a healthier diet.

  • Recipes need to be healthy, but taste great (sometimes contradictory).
  • Recipes need to be fast and easy to make.
  • Menu needs to be enough variety to insure that people don’t get bored.
  • Need to have recipes that help recycle leftovers (like rice, taters, etc.)

The Mission Therefore: Is to rework enough healthy recipes to improve their simplicity and taste in order to meet my wife’s standards here (which are really high).  The goal is to slowly replace all of our less-than-healthy recipes with the new ones.  The question become whether the mission is simpleandpossible or simply impossible, thus inspiring the blog title Mission Simpossible!!!

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