2. About Us

(Cris): Cris has a gift for cooking and making food taste really good.  Throughout the last five years she’s used these skills to keep pace with my dietary problems.  As the consummate friend and supportive spouse she’s gone through all of my dietary gyrations both willingly and open-mindedly.  And in the process she’s learned a great deal about nutrition and alternative cooking techniques.  Most of the knowledge gained in this forum will be drawn from her refined understanding and palate.

(Cliff): I’m a bone cancer survivor — 5 years now.  I studied nutrition avidly during and after treatment in order to gain a better shot at survival and recovery. It was about the only thing that I had within my control.  So I latched onto it with a ferocity.  My passion here hasn’t faded over the years as I’ve become the eternal student, slowly devouring whatever that I can get my hands on.  Anyone who knows me now can attest to that… and how annoying it is to hear all the time.  🙂

Unfortunately I’ve not been able to put all of this amazing information to good use because of my evolving side-effects induced by chemo and radiation damage.  I’ve been through about 10 dietary transitions (dietary changes) over the last five years just to keep pace with physical changes.  In the process I’ve gone from eating relatively healthy at times to eating as many concentrated calories as possible just to maintain weight.  I’ve only recently had the opportunity to transition to a truly healthy diet because of prescription changes and the hard won knowledge gained from discovering a host of radiation-induced allergies.   I know all about the fragile relationship between diet and health… and my heart goes out to anyone who’s had to discover and deal with both allergy and other digestive disorders. It’s a rough road.

Because of my allergies and digestive sensitivities, most of the recipes we’ll be posting will not have the following:

  • Gluten (wheat, barley, rye or their derivitives)
  • Any significant amounts of strong spices (like chilis, peppers, etc.)
  • Raw meats (like sushi).

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