Posted by: CCT | February 18, 2010

Cucumber Salad in Light Vinegar

I realize that we’ve not yet started the 80-recipe countdown.  We did, however, make about ten of them… and liked them all with some minor changes.  A few more days and we’ll be off and running here.  In the meantime – I give you the simplest side dish on Earth – the Cucumber Salad in Light Vinegar.

Ingredients include the following, all of which store well for long periods: [Cucumbers last about 3-4 days in the fridge before rubbering up and beginning to lose their crunch.  Vinegar and salt last effectively forever.]

  • One or two cucumbers.  (See picture below)
  • Vinegar, salt.

1.  Wash the cucumber(s) and slice into small chunks as shown below.

2.  Add up to 1-tbsp (maximum) of vinegar, and then salt to taste.

3.  Stir the slices around until all are covered with vinegar.  Serve as a side dish.

4.  Some thoughts about the use of vinegar

The size of the cucumber used in the recipe. Notice how full the bowl is from just this one cucumber. Depending on how hungry, this can serve up to three people.

All the ingredients you need. Notice the cucumber slice sizes.



  1. Cliff – You’ve done it again! I made this simple easy dish in 5 min’s and Dash LOVED it! Keep the recipes comin’! XOXO –Jules

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