Posted by: CCT | February 12, 2010

Samosas – not so easy after all…

I was going to show how easy it was to make samosas until I ran into a brick wall trying.  Had to throw out a couple pounds of that potato-and-pea filling because I laced it with ginger… which I’m becoming allergic to.  The funny part was that there was so much ginger in there (don’t know how the hell I did this) that Cris could smell it from about 10-feet away.  All I heard was – “There’s something wrong with whatever you’re cooking.”

Another day perhaps.  Maybe something simpler.  I still don’t know how to do the crust yet or how hard that’s even going to be.  Sighhhhhh… I miss samosas… especially since I can’t eat em unless I make em myself and  out of something besides wheat.

Will be needing the expertise of the wife for this one.  Not simple… not possible… simply impossible… at least for now.



  1. My mother-in- law used to make delicious baked samosas using a phyllo dough crust. She used the store bought dough but I just googled it and it looks like you can make a gluten-free version. The filling she used was primarily ground meat and onion with some spices.

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