Posted by: CCT | January 28, 2010

This One’s A Work In Progress. Can I Get Back to You?

For Celiacs Cous-Cous is probably the most dangerous thing on Earth – moistened, rolled semolina wheat with an outside layer of wheat flower.  I don’t know – maybe it needs some more wheat or something? Jesus!

Bottom line – I eat this and I explode.  But even with that as a nuclear deterrent, I still found myself salivating over the Moroccan Cous-Cous recipe on p. 143 of the McDougall cookbook.  It sounded so exotic!  So we did what theldsgirl suggested and substituted something for the Cous… namely garbanzo beans.

Then we decided to cook it in a crockpot and double the recipe, and add some salt.  That pretty much leaves the spices as last remnant – which is what we thought of as “exooootic” in the first place.  I might name this recipe “Franken-Cous” or “Garbonzo-Cous” or maybe “Cous-Bonzo” (yeah) or something…

Don’t try this recipe yet.  We’re still working on it.  Hey – back off buddy!   😛



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